Despite the fact that the United States left the negotiating table on an online tax on tech firms, finance ministers form the UK, France, Italy and Spain sent a joint letter to the American government begetting the move.

European Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentilona said: “We regret that the US has decided to walk away from talks,” adding that he hoped “it is temporary because Europe seeks a global solution this year.”

US firms Facebook, Google and Amazon have become “more powerful and more profitable,” even more so during the coronavirus crisis. “They need to pay their fair share of tax,” Gentilona said.

On Wednesday, using language not usually seen in international diplomacy, the US side said it had left negotiations because the European nations had “ganged up to screw America.”

The Europeans remain adamant that they will pursue a tech tax. Preferably with the US at the table. Using Twitter as his platform, Gentilona said: “If it doesn’t happen then we will work on finding a Europe-wide solution for this year instead.”

PHOTO: Reuters