With less than a week to go until Poland’s presidential election – delayed because of the coronavirus crisis – incumbent Andrzej Duda has raised the temperature in fiery campaign speeches.

In his home city of Krakow at the weekend, the President said that his PiS party (Law and Order), which has governed since 2015, has succeeded in bringing down the unemployment rate from nine to six percent.

“At the worst moment of the pandemic, unemployment increased to six percent, which was lower than when they (the current opposition) ruled”, said Duda. “They were a worse virus, ladies and gentlemen, than the coronavirus.”

His other main thrust was on the question of lowering the retirement age, a popular move that his principle opponent, Rafał Trzaskowski, has opposed. At a rally in a village in north-east Poland, Trzaskowski said he had voted against lowering the retirement age in 2016 but had now changed his mind after he “listened to citizens.”

Duda seized the chance and said that Trzaskowski is “either lying or unbalanced, since he changes his mind overnight”. His campaign team said that they will be sending a person dressed in a costume with the number “67” displayed prominently to Trzaskowski’s future campaign events.

PHOTO: President Andrzej Duda