The prestigious New York Times has seen a copy of the draft list of countries to be kept in a visitor ban that the European Union plans to publish within the next few days, and ‘The Gray Lady’ is shocked and appalled.

“That prospect, which would lump American visitors in with Russians and Brazilians as unwelcome, is a stinging blow to American prestige in the world and a repudiation of President Trump’s handling of the virus in the United States, which has more than 2.3 million cases and upward of 120,000 deaths, more than any other country,” an article in the Times said.

American shame at being excluded is compounded by the fact that visitors from China, Uganda, Cuba and Vietnam will be welcome on European shores from July 1.

Americans and others from outside the EU have been banned from entering the Schengen zone since mid-March, and now the bloc needs visitors to boost its ailing tourism sector.

PHOTO: Americans in Europe New York Times