French President Emmanuel Macron will meet Russian President Putin in Moscow before the end of the year. There are no indications of what topics might be on the agenda.

The invitation from Putin to visit Russia was announced at the end of a videoconference between the two presidents on Friday, June 26.

In diplomatic-speak, the video conference was a “deep and substantial exchange” that “made it possible to take stock of the dialogue of confidence and security initiated” during Russian president’s visit to the Fort de Brégançon, the French president’s holiday residence in the south of France in August, 2019.

Macron also hosted Putin at Versailles shortly after his election in 2017. Each leader has made two trips to the other’s country in the intervening time.

Meanwhile, the conflict in eastern Ukraine continues and more than 13,000 people have died in a conflict that started in 2014 with Russian separatists receiving support from Moscow.

PHOTO: A prisoner of war, wearing a protective mask due to COVID-19 protocols, is escorted by a separatist fighter during the 16 April prisoner exchange in the Donetsk region. REUTERS