Animal rights activists demonstrated on Saturday at the giant slaughterhouse in North Rhine Westphalia that has been at the centre of a cluster of coronavirus cases resulting in a local lockdown.

A number of campaigners clim bed on the roof and unfurled a banner reading, in English: “Shut down Tierindustrie (animal industry.” The protest attracted widespread media attention across Germany.

More than 600,000 have been affected by the renewed lockdown in nearby Guetersloh, with many of the workers at the plant, who are predominantly from Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, being unable to leave their quarters, work or send money home to their families.

A total of more than 100 protesters from Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie took part in the protest, also blocking local roads. Three protesters were handcuffed and taken away by police. On Sunday, outbreaks of coronavirus were reported at three Austrian slaughterhouses.

PHOTO: Activists on the roof watch the arrival of the police at the Toennies meat plant