The German state of Baden-Württemberg – centred on Stuttgart – is planning to ban face coverings for school students.

Baden-Württemberg Culture Minister Dr Susanne Eisenmann said that a burka and niqab ban will promote “togetherness” and “open communication” in schools.
She said: “Schools are places of togetherness and encounter. Teaching there is based on open communication, which is expressed in facial expressions. Teachers and pupils must be able to look each other in the face in the truest sense of the word.

“A full veil prevents this open communication. That’s why I strongly object to niqabs and burkas being worn in our schools. With the amendment of the school law, we are acting with foresight and clarity to eliminate legal interpretation. We do not tolerate face coverings in our schools.”

A spokesman for the state’s education department said that officials are in the process of creating a legal framework for the ban.

PHOTO: Women demonstrate against a burka ban in Denmark in 2018 Andrew Kelly Reuters