Gallup, the respected polling firm, has reported that Germany is the most-admired country in the world by a considerable margin. This was the third consecutive time that Europe’s strongest economy topped the poll, with 44 percent of respondents worldwide putting Germany first, ahead of the US on 33 percent, China on 32, and Russia on 29 percent.

Significantly, the poll was conducted before the coronavirus pandemic took hold. While Germany has been widely acclaimed for its response to coronavirus, the US has been perceived as mismanaging the outbreak.

In contrast to the 2019 result, the US was the most admired country during every year of the Obama administration, except in 2011 when it was a close runner-up to Germany. The USA’s global popularity fell by 18 percentage points when Trump became president.

The poll was conducted with a sample of 1,000 adults across 135 countries.

Commenting on the outcome, Gallup’s editor-in-chief, Mohamed Younis said: “When you read the latest results in this report on how the world rates the leadership of major global powers, the leaders who presented the case for the most certainty did the best.

“Longtime German chancellor Angela Merkel, loved or hated, has been one of the most predictable leaders in highly uncertain times in both Europe and the global order.”

PHOTO: Angela Merkel Reuters