While many journalists have resigned in the wake of the contested presidential elections in Belarus 10 days ago, citing undue pressure to report in favour of Aleksandr Lukashenko, who has served for 26 years as the country’s head of state, the Belta news agency continues to report entirely in favour of the man who has been called ‘Europe’s last dictator.’

The main news item on the Belta news site at midday on Wednesday was headlined: “Much work is ahead to finish harvest and to be confident in the future,” a slogan that echoes Soviet-era exhortations to work harder.

In another story, Belta says: “Seventeen representatives of foreign mass media have been denied entry to Belarus at Minsk National Airport. They had no journalistic accreditation in the country, Belta learned from the State Border Committee of Belarus.

“All journalists said that the purpose of their visit to Belarus was to see local landmarks.

“However, the IDs of journalists of various broadcasting companies, professional equipment and large amounts of money revealed the true purpose of their visit, which runs afoul of the Belarusian legislation, the committee said.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said that it was against the law for workers to strike unless in support of a labour dispute.

“As they say, nobody will become a victim of the regime,” the head of government said. “The management of the enterprises will have to act in line with the law, in line with the Labour Code. Those, who don’t want to start working, will have to go,” he said.

PHOTO: Belarus Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko