Government spokesman Gabriel Attal has said that the much-anticipated announcement on France’s economic recovery programme will be delayed by at least one week, from August 25 until some time during the first week of September.

He said on Saturday, August 22, that the plan is ready and its implementation is on schedule. The government is somewhat preoccupied over the return to school, which takes place during the same week that the recovery plan will be made public.

However, the broad strokes of the proposals are already known. They are based on a two-year plan to spend 100 billion euros to accelerate economic recovery, including lowering taxes on production to the tune of 20 billion euros and spending 30 billion euros on energy transformation and transport, with a ‘green’ flavour.

A further 20 billion euros is earmarked to help young people enter the labour market and 20 billion to help poorer families with the cost of living.

PHOTO: French PM Jean Castex has enough on his plate this week Reuters