Another political activist has been attacked and hospitalised in Russia, in a clear message to opponents to change their ways or face dire consequences.

This time it was 22 year-old blogger Yegor Zhukov who was targeted in an attack carried out by two men near his home in Moscow.

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov issued a statement saying that police were investigating the incident. “Let’s hope that those who are guilty will be identified and punished according to the law.”

Zhukov was sentenced to jail for three years last December for ‘inciting extremism,’ a reference to his campaign against the exclusion of opposition candidates in the Moscow mayoral race. The sentence was suspended

Zhukov said on Sunday that he has been excluded from a master’s degree course at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, although he had previously been accepted. He linked this with his political activity.

Meanwhile, the better-known activist Alexei Navalny remains in a coma in a Berlin hospital after being poisoned 12 days ago.

PHOTO: Zhukov after the attack, from a Facebook posting by his wife