Despite the daily distractions of coronavirus, President Macron is concentrating efforts into confronting pressing problems in the eastern Med. On Thursday, in Ajaccio ahead of a meeting of regional leaders, the French present once again appealed to other southern European nations to tackle the Turkish problem head-on.

He said that a more united and clearer voice is needed to deal with Turkey, which he described as “no longer a partner.”

“We Europeans must be clear and firm with the government of President Erdogan which, today, has unacceptable behaviour,” he said, in a clear reference to Turkey’s disputed claim to eastern Mediterranean oil and gas fields also claimed by Greece and Cyprus.

European sovereignty is at stake in the face of what he called the “imperialist temptations of some great Mediterranean powers.”

France had previously sent warships for naval exercises alongside the Greek navy, which is smaller than the Turkish fleet. Now Macron would like to see more commitment from the Italians.

He added that France is working alongside Germany on the vexed question of migrants entering Europe through Greece.

PHOTO: President Macron