Opposition figure Alexei Navalny is able to leave his bed and communicate with nursing staff.

“The patient has been successfully removed from mechanical ventilation. He is currently undergoing mobilisation and is able to leave his bed for short periods of time,” the Charité Hospital in Berlin said on Monday.

Labs in Sweden and France have confirmed that Novichok was the poison used against Navalny as he returned to Moscow from an electioneering visit to the country’s far east almost one month ago.

Following local elections in many parts of Russia that ended on Sunday, the Putin-supporting United Russia party claimed victory, although a number of opposition figures were elected to municipal councils in Siberia. Significantly, Putin’s personal influence is weaker in the far east than it is closer to Moscow, and local officials are less likely to comply with orders to skew elections.

However, there were several reports of irregularities at polling stations and ballot stuffing, with genuine voting papers being replaced by those made out to United Russia candidates.

Alexei Navalny Reuters