There has been a substantial increase in the number of migrants gathering close to the border between Serbia and Hungary, hoping to make it into the European Union before cold weather arrives.

“We have 150 migrants entering the country from the south every day,” Rados Djurovic, executive Director of the Asylum Protection Center in Belgrade said on Tuesday.

Many of the migrants have set up tents outside Subotica, a town in northern Serbia.

Hungary has made it very difficult for migrants to cross, with razor wire fences along much of its border. However, Romania has also toughened tis stance on would-be immigrants, with reports of beatings and mobile phones being smashed.

UNHCR, the UN refugee agency said that there are about 16,210 refugees, asylum seekers, and displaced people in the Balkans at present. According to various reports, about 35 percent of the migrants are from either Afghanistan or Pakistan.

FILE PHOTO: Hungarian border forces keep migrants behind a fence at the border with Serbia in 2015 Reuters