Continuing his solidarity tour of the Baltic States, French President Emmanuel Macron criticised Turkey for its ‘rash and dangerous” statements as clashes continued for a fourth day over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Turkey has said it is fully prepared to help Azerbaijan to recover the enclave, controlled by ethnic Armenians.
Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry has called its offensive “fully justified.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday Armenia’s defence ministry released a picture of an Armenian SU-25 jet that it said had been shot down by a Turkish F-16.

Macron’s comments came as relations between Turkey and Greece continue to simmer over Turkey’s claims of oil and gas drilling rights in an area that Greece says are within its territorial waters. France and other EU countries have come down firmly on the side of Greece.

Turkey frequently threatens to unleash a wave of undocumented migrants from its territory across the border into Greece.