Historian Yury Dmitriyev has been jailed for an additional ten years by a Russian court on charges that he abused his adopted daughter, allegations that he and his supporters totally refute.

Dmitriyev’s real crime, in the eyes of the authorities, is to have exposed horrendous mass killings during the Stalin terror, an historical fact that Vladimir Putin wants to erase.

The 64 year-old is a leading member of Memorial, a group of activists whose initial exposures of the killings, in an area close to the Finnish border, were at first acknowledged and accepted and later denigrated by the authorities.

Memorial said: “Today’s sentence is the revenge of the system which is heir to the Soviet system and would like to consign to oblivion the names that Yury Dmitry has returned, having besmirched him himself, his work and his life.”

US Embassy spokeswoman Rebecca Ross wrote on Twitter that the sentence “is another step backwards for #humanrights and historical truths in #Russia.”

PHOTO: Yury Dmitriyev