French Customs chief Isabelle Braun-Lemaire claimed businesses in France were ready for the end of the transition period, but others were not, sparking fears of massive lorry queues at the border. “Our infrastructure is ready, but it relies on companies having taken on board the fact that with Brexit, there will be custom checks on all goods. “And that’s a reality we think some companies have not taken into account yet.” Around 100,000 French companies trade with Britain, but Ms Braun-Lemaire warned she had no idea how many were ready for changes, and complained the UK Government had not been clear through the process. SOURCE: The Scotsman


German sportswear company Puma reported a rebound in third-quarter sales in the Americas and Europe as consumers keen to keep fit during the COVID-19 pandemic bought more online and at stores that reopened after lockdowns. However, Puma said consumer sentiment was turning negative again as infections rise and said it could not provide a reliable outlook for the full year despite its optimism about its medium and long-term perspectives. Chief Executive Bjorn Gulden told journalists he expected a positive operating profit for 2020. SOURCE: Reuters

Fireblocks, an enterprise-grade digital asset platform, announced plans to expand its European operations into two key markets and said that more than $150 billion in digital assets from institutional customers, including banks, trading desks, hedge funds, and other players have been transferred on its platform.  The company will launch new operations in France and Germany, expanding beyond its London-based UK operations, where it currently leads its European business. SOURCE:

Heineken NV performed better than expected over the June-September quarter with a surprising increase in beer sales in the Americas, but said the COVID-19 pandemic was still too uncertain to provide a reliable 2020 outlook. The world’s second-largest beer maker said it expected a volatile final quarter of the year as new restrictions were imposed by many countries in Europe, including closures of bars and restaurants. SOURCE: Reuters

FILE PHOTO: Bottles of Heineken beer are seen at a super market during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Bangkok, Thailand, October 12, 2020. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun/File Photo