A second person has been arrested in Nice believed to have been an accomplice of the Tunisian man who killed three people in the Basilica of Notre Dame on Thursday.

The second individual, 47, is believed to have provided a telephone to the assailant and to have spoken to him on the eve of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, the women who managed to make it to a nearby bar after being stabbed multiple times said: “Tell my children I love them,” before dying on the scene. She was originally from Brazil.

The lay worker who died, Vincent Loques, 54, usually spent all day at the church, where he prepared for masses and welcomed worshippers.

A local prosecutor has called on media not to publish the full name of the alleged assailant, Brahim Aoussaoui, as this could jeopardise the judicial enquiry.

PHOTO: The handcuffed alleged assailant receives medical attention after being shot in the shoulder by police who stormed the church. He was carrying a copy of the Koran, according to police sources