The Good Law Project has called for a judicial inquiry into the awarding of contracts under suspicious circumstances, most of them relating to contracts connected to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to the pressure group more than four billion euros has been awarded with little or no transparency. The group and a number of cross-party MPs accuse the Health Ministry of an “egregious and widespread failure to comply with legal duties and established policies”.

The case is being pursued in the High Court. Ministries are required by law to publish details of contracts within 30 days of awarding them.

Among the contracts is the award of a £252 million PPE contract to a company called Ayanda Capital on 29 April. Publication of details of the contract was held back until September 4, having been awarded at the end of April.

Ayanda, which says it specialises in currency trading and offshore property, secured the deal with the help of an associate who was previously an adviser to the government, according to the Good Law Project, as reported in the Guardian newspaper.