Belarus has fallen out of the headlines in recent days, partly because of the US presidential election and also due to headline weariness. However, the illegal arrests and detentions continue, often far from the glare of press cameras.

Last week 60 doctors were arrested en masse after showing their displeasure at the illegal regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

On Monday a spokesman for the regime announced on TV that two British diplomats must leave the country. They were declared persona non grata after observing a demonstration in the capital, Minsk.

Four hundred people were arrested on Sunday as they took part in the now-weekly demonstration against the administration. On Monday the OSCE said it had strong evidence of “massive and systematic” human rights abuses in the country.

The independent and still-functioning Belarus news website has reported three more deaths of young protesters who died under mysterious circumstances after being arrested.

PHOTO: The family mourns 25 year-old Alexander, who died following his arrest earlier this year TUT.BY