The European Commission on Thursday said its strategy on LGBT+ relationships would include Union-wide legislation to protect the rights of so-called rainbow families to ensure that same-sex partnerships and parenthood of homosexual couples are recognised in all EU countries.

The move is certain to enrage and alienate Poland and Hungary, both of which have very recently enshrined in law that a marriage is between a man and a woman.

On Wednesday, the Hungarian government proposed an amendment to its constitution further emphaising its stance on traditional family relationships and invoking Christian and European traditions.

Vera Jourová, the EU Commission’s Vice-President for Values and Transparency, said on Thursday: “Everyone should feel free to be who they are – without fear or persecution. This is what Europe is about and this is what we stand for.”

However, to change the law there needs to be unanimity among all 27 EU member states, which is very unlikely given Polish and Hungarian opposition.

The rift between the western and easternmost states of the European Union is not confined to LGBT+ issues, but extends to the the thorny problem of illegal migration and the Commission’s desire to redistribute migrants throughout the union, against their wishes.

PHOTO: Vera Jourová Council of Europe