France’s Order of Physicians will summon Professor Didier Raoult before it to answer complaints lodged in September by the French-speaking Society of Infectious Pathology (SPILF), Le Figaro reports.

The signatories to the complain consider that the scientist violated nine articles of the code of medical ethics.

Le Parisien has reported that Professor Raoult administered his treatment based on hydroxychloroquine without scientific data “clearly established on this subject, and in violation of the recommendations of the health authorities.” They charge the professor with using “unproven therapeutics and drug combinations, that are at least ineffective, and at worst dangerous”.

The charge sheet goes on to accuse the long-serving doctor with a violation of professional solidarity and the dissemination of “erroneous” information to the public, exposing people “to unjustified risk”. He has also been accused of the rather vague concept of “charlatanism”.

Professor Raoult’s lawyer said he would fight the charges robustly. He claimed that the case has been brought by a radical fringe of the medical profession.

“Didier Raoult suffers death threats and insults every day from doctors. I also get some. It is the act of minorities, but why does the Order not act against these people?” The lawyer asked.

In April this year, once the pandemic had taken a strong hold in France, President Macron spent three hours with the Professor in his clinic in Marseille.