The vaccination programme in France will start at the end of December or beginning of January, President Emmanuel Macron said last week, and on Monday, November 30, France’s highest health authority outlined its plans for vaccinating certain groups.

The plan puts health professionals and residents of old peoples’ homes at the top of the list, with priority being given to those over 75 with other illnesses.

Once those who are not suffering from ‘co-morbidities,’ such as obesity or diabetes, have had their jabs, those with no underlying conditions will be vaccinated. The same principle applies to the next age group, 64-74.

Those in younger age groups suffering from other health problems will also receive the vaccination before those who are ‘healthy.’ As yet, no timescale has been announced.

However, a poll by the Journal de Dimanche on Sunday found that only 41 percent of the French public are willing to be vaccinated. This poses a problem for the authorities, who have said that the jabs will be voluntary.

Although fewer people in the UK oppose receiving coronavirus vaccines, the government said at the weekend that it would sign up respected and popular public figures to promote the British vaccination campaign.