Following rioting in several French cities on Saturday, the French authorities succumbed to pressure and locked up two of the four policemen caught on camera beating up a black music producer in Paris on the previous weekend. The other two are also under investigation.

One of the two men being held in jail is a 43 year-old Brigadier with what has been described as an “impeccable” service record.

The victim of the police onslaught was first arrested and held himself for assaulting the police officers, but a security camera in his studio recorded the vicious and unprovoked attack, which lasted 15 minutes.

During the rioting against police violence in Paris at the weekend several cars were burned and a restaurant destroyed. Fifty-five demonstrators were arrested.

Last week, parliament passed a law prohibiting the photographing or videoing of police officers.

PHOTO: Journalists were among those protesting against a law curtailing the right to photograph police officers Reuters